Gym Rules

  1. Be 10-15 minutes early

  2. No excuses

  3. No complaints

  4. Be a team player

  5. Be first

  6. Check your ego at the door

  7. Work as hard as you can every day

  8. No phones

  9. Keep chatting between sets to a minimum

  10. Train, don’t “workout”

It is important that you show up each day mentally ready to train. Check your stress and your ego at the door, it can wait. Be at least 10 minutes early for each session in order to change, warm-up, and prepare to train. If you’re late, get ready as soon as possible and don’t distract others. The lifting sessions are designed for you and your capabilities and if the workouts seem tough,embrace it. If the workouts seem incorrect, let me know and we can make adjustments.

As we gain each new person in the gym it is important to treat them as a new member to the CSP team. Each of us are on the same team and are here to support each other and it is important to keep that in mind on those days when you “just don’t feel like coming in”. Be there for you and your teammates.  We are not only building a team within this gym, we are building a community. I like to keep the phrase “be first” fresh on my mind each day. This means when you see someone new, be the first to say hello. Be the first one finished with the lifts, be the first to encourage your fellow lifter.

While being the fastest, strongest, fittest person in the room is a great goal to strive for one must keep in mind that it doesn’t happen overnight. Each person is only competing against themselves. You must lift truthfully and for yourself. If you cannot lift something with proper technique then you should lower the weight. If the circumstance arises where someone is “ego lifting” their session will be ended. End of story. My initial goal as a coach is to keep everyone safe. However, our goal is to find out where that line is and get as close to it as possible. Work as hard as you can up until that point every day.