Personal Training Policies


Trainer Requirements

Must have four year degree in related field and/or have certifications through NSCA, ACSM, or NASM. 

Insurance for each trainer must list CSP as additional insured. 

Must have business license. 

Gym Ettiquette

Trainers are to keep the gym neat and orderly. For the sake of other trainers and clients, equipment must be put back in its place after each use. 

Gym Equipment

If class is not in session all equipment is available to all trainers. Trainers are allowed to bring in equipment into the gym to use. However, if the gym is used to store equipment then it is also available for use of the gym or other trainers if the equipment owner is not present. 


Current gym hours are 6:00am to 8:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday. If you would like to train people on hours outside of these please ask Joey. 


At-Will Use of Gym

Each trainer's use of the gym is at will. The relationship between CSP and a trainer can be dismissed at any time for any reason.


Trainers are to sign in each client at the entrance before leaving the gym. There will be a twenty dollar penalty for each client that is not signed in. 

Group Training

Trainers are to train no more than two people per session. 

Trainer invoices

Trainers will be invoiced on the second of each month and invoices will be due seven days later. 


Dress Code

All trainers and clients must dress in gym appropriate attire