Olympic Lifting

Olympic weightlifting is said to be the most athletic sport in the world. It builds power and speed while testing your mobility and stability. If you are looking to compete or just improve your lifts and become more athletic then you have come to the right gym. To learn more about classes click here!


Premier Coaching

Our coaches have years of experience with all ages and skill levels. We aim to not only coach you to perform the lifts and drills better but to also build a fundamental knowledge to ensure long term skill acquisition.

Personalized Programming

Your coach will work with you to develop a weightlifting training program based on the aspects of each lift you need to improve. Whether you need to improve your bar path or overall power, we can build a program to get you to your goals.

Satellite Coaching

Can’t make it to our facility? We are more than happy to monitor your progress, build programs, and provide coaching online.