Group Training

Our goal is to provide training that fits everyone. Novice lifters will start in level one to learn correct movement patterns. As your skills grow, so will your opportunities to try more challenging programs. Each program consists of a twelve-week cycle that increases intensity each week. To learn more about our training sessions click here!


Level One:

Strength & Cardio

This tier focuses on the slower lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press...etc) that focus on increasing absolute strength and muscle size while decreasing fat and injury. Our focus is to teach efficient and safe movement patterns that build a solid fitness foundation. These lifts will also help to spotlight joints that will need to increase in mobility to improve function.

Level Two: Weightlifting

Should you decide you want to add a little more challenge to your training, olympic weightlifting is a great way to go. Weightlifting is a sport that builds strength and explosive hips and shoulders through development of the snatch and clean and jerk lifts. This type of training requires the participant to be flexible and quick. It is an excellent way to increase athletic capabilities


Strength and Conditioning

Getting our youngsters started early in an exercise program is a great way to set the stage for success in future athletic endeavors. Our tiered program accommodates youth lifters down to the age of twelve. The program teaches them correct movement patterns that apply to all sports. We have seen some incredible results with out kids!